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smpurphrt Do you love when your jewelry makes a bold and powerful statement about you, without ever opening your mouth?
smpurphrt Looking for just the right jewelry that is so unique, you notice all eyes focus on you the minute you walk through the door? If you could read their minds, you might hear them say...."where did she get that jewelry?"                         
smpurphrt How many times have you said: "It's finally my time! I'm ready to feel beautiful, sexy, and feminine, and find the designs that make me feel that. I'm ready to invest in me!"  
smpurphrt When was the last time you wished that you could find jewelry that harmonizes with the essence of who you are, and feels soft and silken against your skin?'
smpurphrt  My life has really changed, I don't even know how to begin dressing and accessorizing. Where do I start?

Have you ever said or thought any of the above?  Well if you have, you are in the right place, wait no more!cabMariska, aka Mary, is known as the "Jewelry Matchmaker"®  who loves to create a perfect jewelry match between her customers, and the jewelry designs she creates. Mariska is known for her 2 career paths as an RN and jewelry designer that magically intersect. When Mariska learned her dying patients "biggest" regret was not appreciating their own beauty and talents, a seed was planted.  One of her patients told her she must make women understand and appreciate how beautiful they are despite the feedback from the mirror or scale; "that does not define a woman's beauty."  That seed became Mariska's Jewelry Designs, and Mariska's dream is much more than just making a pretty piece of jewelry.  It's all about You!  You feeling and connecting to your beauty-could you imagine the benefits?  And there's even  more....learn more about this on the About page.butterly5Mariska is known for crafting stunning, high-end jewelry, that perfectly captures the personality and preferences of her customers. Mariska infuses loving, healing, and empowering energy into her designs, so the woman who wears the jewelry can feel that. Using a unique process that starts with a personality profile, the jewelry matchmaking process begins. Of course it doesn't have to begin that way, you might see exactly what you want when you shop. Mariska's Customers have reported that using the personality profile is fun and the results are accurate.  Mariska knows that using this and her intuitive senses, she has many very happy repeat customers, who have reported their jewelry practically jumps out of their jewelry box to be worn.  


reproreidWhat value could you place on knowing and feeling you are beautiful, confident, sexy, feminine, and empowered?  Mariska knows how important that is. As an RN she knows that many diseases start when your thoughts of yourself are negative.  She wants you to know and feel you are unique, beautiful, and one of a kind, and your jewelry should reflect that. Mariska has studied the science of matching your essence and personality with a jewelry design. An unexpected pleasure wearing MJD's is her customers rediscover, and celebrate their feminine sexy nature. Mariska has a passion for women to experience that, knowing that when they do, they feel happier, joyful, less stress and tension, and...loved. There really is no greater love, than when you start with yourself first!


Mariska's customers have discriminating taste and appreciate diamondjewelry that is highly artistic and reflects top quality components. As has been recently reported in the LA Times, many jewelry designers use cheaper components, and when tested, contain high levels of lead.  Mariska only uses Precious Metals, and other metals that do not contain lead. She uses the best crystals; Swarovski crystals, and includes many handmade items from American Glass Artists in her jewelry designs. Her customers know that no other woman will have their unique jewelry. Mariska's Jewelry Designs have been found in high end boutiques, local art and wine events, and now focuses on selling her jewelry in her online store.

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Mary Costa aka Mariska

Mary Costa aka "Mariska" & Jewelry Matchmaker®

We create jewelry to match and adorn the beautiful spirit of a woman.



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