Mariska’s Beginnings

I’m often asked, “Why did you start creating jewelry?”

Mary Costa aka Mariska

As a child I remember the magic of adorning myself with my Grandma’s jewels and her high heels, and how much I felt like a beautiful PRINCESS when wearing her special jewels. Years later, though the fantasy had gone, the memory of that feeling of beauty and joy had a greater effect on my life than I could have known at the time

The “little things” in life, connect us to our hearts, and propel us to do “bigger things” in life. 

One year I decided to make gifts of jewelry for all the women on my list. They loved the personalized creations, and I discovered how much I loved coming up with the perfect creation for each person.  As I continued to experiment with jewelry, and began to wear my jeweled creations, I got requests from others to purchase what I was wearing.

At about the same time in my life, in my role as a Registered Nurse, I was caring for dear ones who were dying.  I was so blessed to be able to assist them in their passage from this earth.  The communications we had were so meaningful to me.  All pretenses were gone, just truth, honesty, and a review of their lives through the lens of 20/20 hindsight. They shared many nuggets of truth with me.  I think the most profound messages I heard, repeatedly, were that:

They had not acknowledged, accepted, honored, and loved the true and pure beauty they always were.

They never made time for that in their life! Too busy. And in those moments we shared, they totally acknowledged that they always had been a beautiful creation, in constant evolution.

The “little things” in life, connect us to our hearts, and propel us to do “bigger things” in life. The “bigger things” in life connect us to each other.

Mariska's Designs was born in 2004 after deciding to honor the gift of creating beautiful jewelry for women.  In the beginning I knew I had a mission, and it took some time for me to figure out exactly what I was meant to do.  But finally, I connected the dots:

The “little things” in life, connect us to our hearts, and propel us to do “bigger things” in life. The “bigger things” in life connect us to each other. When we serve each other by doing the “bigger things in life”, we are blessed in the process.

My mission is to help women love, honor, acknowledge, and adorn the beautiful souls they are, right now, today. I started this mission with making beautiful jewelry, for beautiful women,  and the journey doesn’t end there.  I would love for you to join me on this mission.  This mission is for you. Yes, I mean YOU.  It’s no coincidence you’ve read this far down the page.  


The “little things” in life, connect us to our hearts, and propel us to do the “bigger things” in life. The “bigger things” in life connect us to each other. When we serve each other by doing the “bigger things” in life, we are blessed in the process. The reward is that we are filled with joy, and contentment, and your beauty is unmistakable!  Mariska

It's Much More Than a "Pretty Piece of Jewelry"                                                                                            pretty piece                                       

For Mariska, making jewelry has never been about just making jewelry to sell. It’s much more than “a pretty piece of jewelry”. There’s something about matching a woman with a piece of jewelry that seems to be made just for her. It’s something that Mariska calls the “perfect jewelry match.”

The perfect jewelry match:

  • Evokes a vibrant feeling of "aliveness" that’s different for every woman. It might be described as a joyful feeling that comes bubbling up from the heart.
  • Is a connection that allows a woman to “feel and know” on a deep level that the design is “totally me” or “absolutely who I want to be!” When there’s a perfect jewelry match, it’s as if the jewelry wears the woman!
  • Connects a woman to her true beauty that exists underneath the scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.
  • May make you feel like a Princess, or Cinderella
  • Let's you play, and have fun being who you are, or maybe who you'd like to be.
  • Could tempt you to put your "Sexy" mindset back on, choose a design from our "Clothing Optional" series...and wear it....and nothing else! Remember, you are beautiful, and always have been.

Mariska creates heart connections through her jewelry creations. It honors the sacred connection between woman, creator and all of us.

She feels her creations flow from the true originator of the connection—one that she calls God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; some call it the Divine, Higher Power, or the Universe.

 Her creations are truly divinely inspired, and she often feels led to add a particular component when creating designs for her customers. Her customers often comment that it’s the “surprise” piece of the design [the addition] that really matches them.                                        




Mariska learned jewelry design through a variety of online jewelry tools, magazines and books, and reviews monthly jewelry making publications for inspiration. She combines her intuitive sense with her gift for expertly combining colors, shapes and textures. She’s even created her own jewelry patterns using buttons as components.  You may notice that many of her earring designs showcase ear wires that are hand fashioned into fun shapes. She also shapes wires into custom bracelet clasps, and wrappings for stones that become totally unique jeweled designs. Watch this video of the making of the jewelry, you'll get a look into Mariska's designing.

  The Components We Use

  faceted diamond

We seek out “one of a kind” items to incorporate into our jewelry designs. Most of our final designs incorporate at least one component that cannot be exactly duplicated, and is unique in personality and character, much like its matched owner.

We use the highest quality of a variety of different silver wires and silver beads, including Bali silver, Thai silver, Indian Silver, and Sterling silver.  You may notice how silver wire often becomes central to a design as it is creatively shaped and molded to make its own artistic statement in ear wires, clasps, and hand wrapping around beads.  We also use gold-filled wire and beads.

We search for “AAA” quality gemstones, and procure them when we can. Our creations may utilize such treasures as one-of-a-kind, handmade Lampwork Glass beads, a variety of pearls (fresh water, cultured, and glass Pearls, like the ones Swarovski makes), and other unique beads!  There are so many to choose from, and we know how to use them!  ;)

Lastly, one of our favorite components is Swarovski Crystals. Swarovski adds that extra “bling” and “life” to our creations – and they’ve gotta be the real thing! There is such a difference between the real crystals and their imitations.

Just as we all possess our own unique personality and character, we seek out "one of a kind" items when we shop for pieces to be used in our jewelry designs. Except on rare occasion, the final jewelry design, has at least one component that cannot be exactly duplicated, and is unique in personality and character, just like its owner. Our final step is to infuse each design with powerful loving, and healing energy that its mate will feel as she wears her jewelry.

There are so many more amazing beads that we use… too numerous to mention. Come back often, and check out our blog to discover even more about what goes into our creations!

Crafted With Pride in America


The pieces you purchase from us are unique, one-of-a-kind creations that are hand-designed and assembled right here in the U.S.. You can also be assured that when we purchase components elsewhere, we do not turn around and sell that same component as our creation.

In addition, we make every effort to purchase American made components. When that’s not possible, we consciously buy from businesses that pay their workers “living wages.” 

Some day it is our hope to also put other Americans to work in Mariska’s Designs; it’s a dream that Mariska holds near and dear to her heart.

Bling for Your Whole Being                  

We will be including many artistic pictures, poetry, and thoughts on this site. Come visit us often! Even if it’s just for something to ponder, we love to share and honor the artists who create beauty in word, and picture.

Welcome, and Enjoy! 

All things that glitter,
All things divine,
Makes your body beautiful,
Makes your Spirit shine.


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