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By admin admin on Mar 01, 2009 at 04:39 PM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

Today I went to my aunt’s funeral, as always these moments are bittersweet.  It is wonderful to see such a crowd of loved ones, who all shared in the same love, and memories of that one, who touched so very many lives.

It is not uncommon to remember your loved one, and the jewelry they once wore. At times, those treasured pieces bring you 1 step closer to that remembrance of your loved one, knowing they  once wore it while, you both spent time together.

I remember when my grandmother passed, my first thought, beyond my love for her, was of her jewelry box, and her high heel shoes, and the moments of joy they both brought.

I never knew my biological mother, who died from childbirth. All I knew of her fit into a shoe box:  her wallet, and all her jewelry, and that was all I had of my mother.  It was a different experience, than the one I had of my grandmother’s jewelry.  I created in my mind, a picture of who my mother was, based on her jewelry.  Somehow it did not link me to my mother, the same way my grandmother’s belongings had.  I’m not trying to say  the experience of seeing my mother’s jewelry was without emotion, but somehow, memories, and those objects that link us to those memories are the sweet savor, and celebration, of  having once lived, and loved together.

So, I celebrate my love and memories of you dear, sweet Gloria, and I know your children and grandchildren will be reminded of you, in the many treasures you’ve left behind.

Here’s to your favorite colors, especially purple!


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