Chronicles of a Handmade Jewelry Maker & Designer’s Business

By Mary Costa on Jun 19, 2009 at 04:37 PM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

I think I can still remember the initial excitement and joy of making a beautiful piece of jewelry, that lead to the plan….
” I think I’ll start my own Handmade Jewelry Business”
oh those simple days when I really still had a life!
In life, we all have to go through our processes, don’t we?
Yes, we hear the advice, the horror stories of starting a business, and in between those moments, we bask in the visions of someone famous wearing your own jewelry creation….right?
And if those visions, outweigh the horror stories….we continue on a monumental endeavor to create a business, one that soon defines who you really are, and what you are really made of.
For me, that was April 2nd, 2004, and life as I knew it, mad a radical left turn.
Am I happy, oh you betcha!
Has it been easy…NOT!
I hope to chronicle my very long process, in the hopes you can see where I dallied, procrastinated, didn’t have the right tools…and learn from my mistakes, as well as share in my victories.
I’d love to year your own stories as well.
Till next time,

PS, see below for my first Jewelry Design, what you may or may not see, in my infancy I photo’d the jewelry on the back of a piece of piano sheet music!?! Definitely not recommended! Thank God for photo editing software.


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