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By Mary Costa on Jun 20, 2009 at 04:34 PM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

I knew I had the jewelry making “bug” when I entered the store.  Two hours later I emerged with Swarovski crystals, Czech beads, Porcelain beads, and many other jewelry making materials…

I started off making jewelry on elastic bead stringing material.   While some of those jewelry pieces are still intact from those days, I soon realized if I wanted anything I created of value to last in my jewellery making designs;  I needed a different stringing material.

Many of the products I chose in those early days, included metals that were essentially base metals.  Having allergies to anything other than Sterling silver and Gold, I determined that I should change to higher quality materials.  I had obtained my resale license, which allowed me to purchase supplies without paying taxes, nonetheless, it all my became very expensive.

The quandary I felt, (kind of like choosing green products that are more expensive)  is that my local jewelry supply store needed to make a profit too,  and I wanted to support them, however that cut into my profits as well.  Since it really wasn’t all about selling jewelry, I finally came to the compromise.  I found on-line wholesalers, that the bulk of my jewelry making supplies were purchased, and I visited my local jewelry making bead supply store on a less frequent basis.  Then the price of gas made that visit, even less frequent!

One great thing about going to your local jewelry making supply store, is that you can see colors, sizes, of the beads you are interested in, and also see how they really look in different lighting.

When I found the numerous beading supplies I use  at “Michael’s”, I believe the stock market price soared!  Truly, it’s like a kid in a candy store, you can get one in every color and size!

I must admit, I do miss my local Jewelry Making supply store, there’s something so impersonal about buying on the Internet.  There was one benefit…I imagined that I was traveling to Bali to buy my Balinese Sterling silver beads, even tho’ the only evidence was on the postage, stamped on the bag of Bali Silver beads in my mailbox.

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