Ebay: Buying and Selling Handmade Jewelry and its Components

By Mary Costa on Jun 25, 2009 at 04:30 PM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

When I made the decision to sell my handmade jewelry, my first thought was to sell online via ebay.  It only made sense to me.  I had found a wealth of jewelry making items on ebay.  In addition I was very pleased with the fact that I could swoop up deals for the various jewelry components I needed.  As time went on, suddenly there seemed to be a glut of new people buying and selling on ebay, and many of the jewelry findings I needed,  soon rapidly climbed in price.

Business was not my first occupation,  however it didn’t take long to figure the simple  addition and subtraction.  If the price for the individual jewelry components increased, so does  the final cost of the  jewelry design.  What may have started out as a good profit margin for selling jewelry, became narrower,  unless your customer knew the value of the components used.  Complicate this whole process, with the ebay testosterone experience (no offense gents, us women have testosterone too).  C’mon now, you know exactly what I’m talking about if you’ve tried to buy anything on an ebay auction.  I bought some of the MOST UNUSUAL  beads and findings, without really thinking the whole process through. it all started out when I was snooping around on ebay and found the perfect bead….(testosterone rising)…. I placed my bid,  saw that I was “high bidder”, oh happy day!

But then, literally within seconds, someone topped my bid (testosterone really peaking)… Not wanting to be outdone, I placed an even higher bid, and sure enough I soon found myself outbid again! (Testosterone overload kicks in), this is the point you will do, and pay, whatever it takes to win that bid! Winning is now what it’s all about, you barely remember the bead….  In fact, this is how bad it actually got for my testosterone experience…I  actually purchased a timer that allowed me to set up the whole bid process, and then click on the final bid entry, 2 seconds before the item would end, I outbeat ebays own custom bidding system!  Great idea!!!! It worked!!

And then my Paypal account shrank at a very rapid rate.

That whole testosterone experience dimmed as I received some of my products, and realized I had really overpaid for those items!  What’s even more troublesome is that I began to believe that what I purchased, must’ve been photo’d under a microscope.  I certainly couldn’t see the details on the product, that I saw in the sellers store photo, they looked so big in the picture, or at least normal size, whatever that is????  This is not at all to diminish the awesome talent of the ebay glass artists who create handmade Lampwork glass beads, love those artisans!

Next post I’ll talk about my results on ebay for selling.

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