Jewelry: Making and Selling on eBay Part 1

By Mary Costa on Jul 05, 2009 at 04:28 PM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

The Global Overview-

EBay holds fond memories for me as a Jewelry Designer.  I bought a vast quantity of items for jewelry making  from a variety of sellers on  eBay.  It only made sense to me back then, that in addition to buying my components on eBay, I could  sell lots of jewelry on eBay.  That was true early on, and all was well with my eBay experience selling jewelry. As time went on, and my expertise in jewelry making improved, I found myself creating even more beautiful jewelry using the more expensive jewelry components that were selling on eBay.  Not only did I find Swarovski crystals, I found “Vintage” Swarovski Crystals (I know there wasn’t a “Swarovski” crystal in those days).  In addition, I developed a taste for  Sterling silver beads, Hill tribe Silver beads, gemstones, glass beads, and on and on…

And then, my love affair with Lampwork glass beads began, and everything I made had to have a Lampwork glass bead in them.  Who would have known that they even existed?  My customers to this day love them in the jewelry designs they purchase from me,  but they have no idea what they really are, or how they are made.   That’s a huge subject, and a whole other post or two.

It was a great time in our country, we were patriotic and we were industrious, and  all sorts of talent emerged on eBay that you could purchase and use in jewelry making and designing.   What was really exciting for me, is that it was a global venture, I could buy beads from Hong Kong, Bali, Germany…and so on, and we were all connected by eBay, it was soooo amazing.  Of course, as you consume more goods, the price of those goods also increases.  Yet, you could still make a little money when all was said and done.

In the last 2-3 years, much changed on eBay.  You saw the major chain stores also selling on eBay, and it quickly became a place to look for the cheapest prices, or the most expensive prices for the rare items, like concert tickets.  With the state of our economy in the U.S. it seems to have changed the look inside of  eBay.  Many of the suppliers I once purchased from, are no longer there, or thier prices are much more expensive.  Many of the fellow Jewelry Makers have moved on to other venues.  The ones who remain on eBay, are the ones who have a solid customer base, and are known for their excellent workmanship.   Prior to writing this post I checked out the current inventory on eBay for “handcrafted artisan jewelry”.   If you make cheap jewelry, and want to sell it for under $25.00, and really more like under $15.00 you may be successful!

You too can do the same sort of research if you are interested in selling your jewelry designs on eBay. What I did, is I looked under “handcrafted artisan jewelry”, then sorted the items by “highest price” first, and then about 8 pages into that, I began to see the real handcrafted items, not cheap jewelry, but true artisan designed jewelry.  When you do finally come across an artisan jewelry  designer, click on their feedback number, this will give you the number feedback they’ve gotten, it usually correlates with the sales (but not necessarily).  Look at the prices the items sold for, look at the total number of feedback received in a 6 month period of time, view pictures of the items sold.  That will give you an idea if  jewelry is selling on eBay, and the prices they are selling for.  However, there is much more to it than that!

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