Thanksgiving Holiday Jewelry: Pumpkins, Turkeys and Cornucopias?

By Mary Costa on Nov 15, 2011 at 04:30 AM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

Jewelry and Fashion Musings for Thanksgiving 

As the seasons change, the nights are shorter, the temperature is cooler; the display of colors nature gives us, is very inspiring! In the front of my house, I have a large flower pot of golden yellow Mum's, and they just grab your attention as you pull into the driveway. They only start to bloom as the temperature cools, and I've also noticed that Persimmons only ripen and turn bold orange then as well; best after a frost.  WARNING: never bite into an unripened Persimmon! Ugh!


Back to Jewelry...

Thanksgiving provides us with many ideas that we can use to decorate our houses, and ourselves!  You can harmonize your outfits with the rich colors of the season such as muted oranges, browns, golds, greens, reds, and my favorite...purple hues!

Of course Thanksgiving jewelry can include much more than the traditional turkeys, pumpkins and cornucopia's. Somehow those items do not inspire me to create jewelry. Really now, are you willing to dangle turkeys from your ears, around your neck or wrist? Not me.

So if you're like me...I have some other ideas you might like at this time of the year. With such amazing seasonal colors, find the right tones and hues that compliment your skin tone and coloring, and wear them in your outfits, or accessories.  What about wrapping a Autumn colored scarf around your neck, even add a nice pin. The colors of leaves at this time of year make me smile, and want to wear designs that include the leaf design in those colors, you can find jackets and vests with that print.

 How about cinnamon sticks, they add spice, (pun intended) hmmm, not so sure they'd make great jewelry, but everyone would definitely notice your amazing aroma! 

Well, I'm not really coming up with such great ideas to replace turkeys, pumpkins and cornicopias, but there's plenty of inspiration in Nature represented everywhere. If you would like to shop for jewelry in those colors, feel free to hop on over to our "Shop by Color" page and see what we have for you.  So...Make a big and bold statement like my Mum's, or a small one if that's more your style. Enjoy the season!


fall leaves


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