Gift Certificate: What About An Online Gift Certificate for Jewelry?

By Mary Costa on Dec 06, 2011 at 05:30 AM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

Is a Gift Certificate The Right Choice For Your Holiday Giving?


Tis the season, right?  Holiday cheer abounds this time of year, yet purchasing just the right gift for someone special can be stressful. If you’re wondering whether to purchase a gift or give a gift certificate for a holiday gift, it really comes down to knowing the gift recipient. What does she like? 

ornament2         Giving a gift certificate can be a great choice in a couple of different situations. If you know what someone would like but don’t trust your ability to pick a specific color or style that you know she would appreciate, a gift certificate to her favorite local or online store can be a great option. Let her pick out something she would truly enjoy. And just think - since your gift certificate led them to that establishment and the special gift, every time she uses or wears what she found, she will remember you.

ornament3         Some people think gift certificates are less personal. That may be true to some degree, but have you ever received a gift that you would never, ever use or wear? What if the person you got the perfume from didn’t know you well enough to know you got nauseous every time you smelled Channel No. 5, or that you wouldn’t be caught dead in a red plaid sweater. Their intentions were good, but now you have this gift that you would never, ever, use or wear. And it’s so awful, you wouldn’t even dare recycle the gift. In that case, wouldn’t you have absolutely loved a gift certificate for a place you love to shop?

ornament4        With gift certificates the receiver knows how much you spent on the gift. That might not be the best option if either you or the recipient is sensitive to knowing the cost of the gift.

ornament6         Checks or cash are the most impersonal. The person you are giving the gift to, doesn’t have to know you at all, to put a check or a few bills in an envelope. Be aware, they may think you don’t care enough to actually give any thought to their gift. There may be times when giving checks or cash are appropriate.

ornament5          A gift certificate says, “hey, I thought of you when I saw this store; and I thought you might you might enjoy picking out something you love.” Who can argue with that!


ornament1         On the other hand, picking out a gift directly lets someone know you took the time to shop for them. Just be sure you know the return policy of the establishment in case the recipient wants to return the gift.


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