Jewelry For Christmas? Ideas for Christmas Jewelry For Women

By Mary Costa on Dec 12, 2011 at 08:10 AM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

Great Jewelry Choices for Christmas Accessorizing

For Christmas wearing, stores are full of jewelry displaying charms of trees, wreaths, packages, Santas and angels, you know, the typical finds.


Those traditional charms don’t inspire me very much, and they are so seasonal! When it's all said and done, the jewelry just sits in your jewelry box for the next 12 months – without being worn. You can however, find your favorite year long charm, in the Christmas colors, for instance I love butterflies, you may find that in red and green rhinestones.

We like to encourage jewelry that celebrates the season and can be worn all year long!

As Christmas approaches, consider it might be time to have a little holiday fun with some added bling! Look for pieces that include Swarovski crystals, bolder colors and some of the clearer winter colors. Swarovski makes Crystal AB colored Rhinestones that fit any time if the year, but are very blingy for Christmas.  Pearls are great at this time of year (actually just about any time of year).

ornament2     In addition to the traditional reds and greens, consider adding some blues, white, a bit of silver and of course the traditional gold. Purple can be a great accent spark for Christmas Jewelry. Tanzanite gemstones are also the December birthstone, so you get twice the use of your Tanzanite all throughout the year.

Also, try tones and hues of these colors that compliment your skin tone and hair coloring. We have a link in our Resources page to assist you with that. We believe that whatever works best for you, and makes you feel beautiful and festive...Go For It!

gembling Considering all that can happen during the holidays, gemstones  may offer emotional support during this time when stress and expectations tend to be high! To see a partial list of gemstone properties, visit our page at

I hope I've given you some other ideas for holiday jewelry- be sure and browse our online jewelry catalog, and let us know if there's something else you want that you don't see here!




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