New Year Jewelry Trends, Fashion Colors For The Red Carpet and Yours

By Mary Costa on Jan 03, 2012 at 03:44 PM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

New Year Jewelry Trends and Colors for 2012

I normally do not follow fashion or jewelry trends, but perhaps with a New Year, I'll change.  I suppose it's better than the typical diet resolution (yes I'm on that as well).  So I searched high and low starting with my favorite Fashion Diva at Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy, and her report talks about the big and bold jewelry (always in style here). Then I looked at reporters who represent the large jewelry industry, and I was shocked...perhaps my jewelry might be in sync with the newest trends-accidently of course.  So this is what they are seeing as upcoming trends for Jewelry:

*  Button Style Earrings 

*  Chandelier earrings that are more modest in size

*  Flower motifs and Art Deco look (definitely Red Carpet            influence)

*  Pendant Necklaces 

* Geometric shapes 

* Tribal themes 

* Big Bright and Bold colors 

* Yellow Gold ??? I still can't afford it, even with the recent     price drop! 

* Pearls-lots, colorful!

*  Stones like quartz and pyrite (?really)  seem to be popular

Yep, I think the trends finally caught up with Mariska's Jewelry Designs!

I reviewed the different color palletes for Winter 2012, and I see a lot of orange tones.  Some report the colors are "bold with bright hues;" a long way from the neutral colors we've seen.  I'll share a few different pallets below. You can be as confused as I am.  Actually I love to wear the colors that make me feel alive, and blend with my personality and skin tone; all shades of purple (the only color you really need, LOL). There are those occassions that perhaps I could step out on a limb and try something new, the wine berry looks interesting.

Just in case you were wondering, soak up these colors....




Make 2012 your best year, enjoy colors, jewelry, healthy foods and lots of exercise!  That's my current mantra, join me.




Mary Costa aka Mariska

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