Valentine's Day History Past and Present Part 1

By Mary Costa on Jan 20, 2012 at 09:01 AM in Jewelry Tips and Tricks

One of my favorite days will soon be here: Valentine's Day.


I was curious how it was started, who is Cupid or I searched the internet for the history of Valentine's day, and found a few tidbits on Wikipedia. Here goes:

Valentine may have been a priest in Rome during the 3rd century.  He had no bow an arrow, however he prevented a few arrows from flying at Single men.  

The Emperor of Rome had decided that he would bypass married men, and instead send single men into battle, since he felt single men were better soldiers. The Emperor decided he would outlaw marriage for young men.  

Valentine's heart wouldn't allow him to deny marriage of single men and their sweethearts, so in secret, he continued to marry young couples. 

Valentine was put to death when the Emperor found out about what was happening.

So the moral of that story, and yes it's just a legend, is that love and marriage may prevail no matter how wicked an Emperor! We'll explore more legends of the history of Valentine.

Now we celebrate this event with cards, chocolates, candy, flowers and jewelry. Cupid is the main man who captures your heart an arrow through your heart which makes you fall in love! 

At Mariska's Jewelry Designs, we are celebrating love and beauty: Men, check out our gift packages for your Valentine! Women, let us capture your heart with a jewelry design enchants  your inner and outer beauty with love! All our designs are created and infused with loving, empowering Intentions.


Valentine Heart



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