Valentine's Day History Past and Present: Part 3

By Mary Costa on Jan 24, 2012 at 03:30 PM in How To's
Valentine's Day History Past and Present: Part 3

Enter CUPID!!   

What about the arrows???? Well apparently Eros (Cupid), was know to be quite mischievous by randomly shooting gods and humans with his arrows, causing them to fall in love. But as he ages, he has a few love problems of his own...

So where did all the story come from? I wanted to know about Cupid and how he fits into the picture.  In my research, I think I figured out where Soap Opera's came from. Greek Mythology and Roman Mythology (the only difference are the names, and slight variations in the stories), tell us of a beautiful mortal woman called Psyche. and the story revolves around her. 

But first there is Aphrodite-(AKA Venus in Roman Mythology) known as the Greek goddess of love, beauty fertility. She had multiple children due to her love of many men.  One child's name was Eros (Cupid). Aphrodite being the jealous woman she was, did not like the attention that Psyche was getting from all the men. Aphrodite was able to persuade Eros (Cupid) to make Psyche fall in love with a monster (but under the clothing it really was  Eros).  As you can imagine Eros (Cupid) seeing how beautiful Psyche was, fell in love with her, but insisted she not see him. So it was only in the dark of night they were together, Psyche never knew what Eros looked like. Poor Psyche, not only did she not know what was up with all of this, but her family wanted to know who this man was, and about their strange and dark of night meetings!  

Trembling one night, as Eros slept next to her, Psyche decides to see what Eros looks like. She lit her oil lamp and brought it close to Eros to see him, he wasn't a monster after all, instead quite a beautiful man. One problem, Psyche accidently spilled oil on Eros' body, ouch! Eros wakes up and flees the scene in pain, upset that Psyche doubted him.  

The wicked mother-in-law Aphrodite schemes to make her daughter-in-law's life difficult. Some versions of the story have Eros and Psyche married at this point, and others not.  Conveniently Eros is temporarily out of the picture, he's recovering, so Aphrodite sends Psyche off on dangerous tasks. Psyche is desparate to get back to Eros, and she (like most women) sought to make herself more beautiful, and was put into a deep sleep by the potion found in a box of Persephone of the Underworld.

Eros, now recovered, comes to Psyche's rescue, and removes the sleep from her.  His love for Psyche so strong, he went to Zeus asking him to make Psyche immortal.  The wish is granted, and they married (in another storyline) and lived happily ever after?    

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Cupid and Psyche 


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