'Mariska's Jewelry Designs' Introduces Tools for Men

By Mary Costa on Jan 26, 2012 at 03:34 PM in Jewelry Tips and Tricks
'Mariska's Jewelry Designs' Introduces Tools for Men

I am sure if you read the title, you might be frantically searching for the tools.  No, we don't have pliers or wrenches, we have jewelry shopping tools.  Now don't get too disappointed men, think about it, most men hate to shop, right?!?

Mariska's Jewelry Designs (MJD) to the rescue!  We aim to make shopping as quick and easy as possible so you can get back to doing what you love to do most.

So this is what we've done at MJD.  We want to make jewelry shopping for men and their ladies as easy and intuitive as possible.  How do we do that?  Glad you asked....

The first tool that we have is our Jewelry Personality Questionnaire, found on this page:http://bit.ly/wTO5lt it's an easy questionnaire to complete, then based on the results go to the "shop" page, and shop by personality.  On the Personality Questionnaire page, we offer 3 different ways to complete the the questions.  The easiest, and quickest results, are using the colored ink version, you  see a pattern in the colors of the answers you circle.  For some, it may be visual overload, that's why we created a black and white ink version. They both have the same questions. Oh, if you like Survey Monkey, click on that link.  

Next, total the number of: 1         2         3         4               answers, and pick the top 2 highest scores, and go back to the shop by personality page.  Match to the description of the personality selecting your top 2 personalities. If you do use Survey Monkey, send us an email so we know, unfortunately we aren't advised when someone chooses that option. There is more information on the page dedicated to the Jewelry Personality Questionnaire.

Another Tool: Men, if you're looking for an easy Valentines Gift for your Lady, check out our Gift Packages, Simple for you to choose, choices for your Lady. We're sure she'll love it.

More tools will be released in another article, stay tuned.


Mary Costa aka Mariska

Mary Costa aka "Mariska" & Jewelry Matchmaker®

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