Mariska's Jewelry Designs Grand Opening Sale: Sizing Jewelry

By Mary Costa on Feb 02, 2012 at 06:15 AM in News You Can Use
Mariska's Jewelry Designs Grand Opening Sale: Sizing Jewelry

We're so excited to share our jewels with you! We want you to get the most out of this site, and if you haven't read it yet, start out reading the Feb 1st post since it shows you how our favorite shopping feature works.  The women who've used it, LOVE IT!

We're currently focused on Valentine's Day, and we've put together a few Gift Packages for men to purchase for their Valentine.  You'll find that on the SHOP tab "Gift Packages 4 Women", and from the Home page, we have a top tab that is reserved Just for Men.  It looks like this:  !!ForMen!!  so you have 2 ways to get to our Gift Packages 4 Women.  Of course you can browse through our store and find something that interests you. 

A few handy tools we have on our website is how to correctly size jewelry .  It is a common mistake to just measure your favorite jewelry design length, and assume that is the size you need.  WRONG!  It all depends on the Inside Diameter of the jewelry item.  Probably more details than you want, so just go to our Size Jewelry link in the Resources section (or the link above) for more information about how, and where to measure for a perfect jewelry fit! 

Remember to use our Grand Opening coupon which gives you Free Shipping and a 15% discount on Jewelry: GOMJD for the entire month of February.  

Thanks for Stopping, and Shopping, Mariska

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Mary Costa aka Mariska

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