Beauty is not Measured By...

By Mary Costa on Mar 07, 2012 at 09:14 AM in News You Can Use



If you are like me, you may have found yourself floundering around in your business trying to define out who you really are (not sure why it takes so long), or what we clearly represent...sometimes we got off the original path for a season.

It's wonderful when the floundering and wandering helps you to uncover, reinforce and recommit to what it is you want in your business; it's also great when you get back on track with definite clarity and purpose.


So that took 2 paragraphs to set up what is in my heart and where I've returned to follow my original focus.  My focus really is about Beauty that is in the heart, beauty that is in the cells of your body, beauty that can only be experienced with all senses.  The prominent sense when experiencing beauty is what moves your heart, and it may or may not include what you see with your eyes. It's about Inner beauty.

I came across a post on Facebook.  It so clearly describes an aspect of beauty that I resonate with, and I wanted to share it.  Facebook can be so difficult to communicate unless you are a friend, and especially if you're just a page.  I tried contacting the author to have permission, but could not.  So this is from a community on Facebook called "Believe".  I'm posting it here, and hope it honors the writer of this great description of Beauty.      

Beauty is not Measured By...2

Beauty is not Measured By...

Beauty is not measured by what you wear
Or how you style your hair
Beauty is intangible
But you feel it when you’re near it
That warmth, the kindness
That comes from deep within
We all have this beauty
Begging to be released
Hoping to be acknowledged
Waiting for a chance
Trust in your soul
You are more than you appear
Don’t be afraid to share who you are
The love and the light that beams from within
Embrace it, enjoy it and share it…Begin

Beauty is not Measured By...2

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