Necklaces for Mother's Day Gift Ideas

By Mary Costa on Apr 10, 2012 at 09:01 PM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

Easter has passed, and now we look towards Mother's Day.  Really???

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Seems like one holiday after another.  But.... I'm sure you'll agree that Mother's Day is a special day we love to celebrate, if we have a mother who is still with us, and whom we love and appreciate. Father's also honor the mother of their children on Mother's Day.  After all, it can be quite a sacrifice for a women to carry a child for 9 months or less. 

As you think about your mother, do you remember a time when you were ill, and the one who cared for you was Mom. She stayed up late, and often through the night during your times of illness, or a sibling. Mom always roots for her children, a most loyal fan. Words of wisdom...sometimes shared by Mom, to help you in the big decisions in your life. If you were very lucky, you may remember her making S'Mores around a campfire.

Of course not everyone has stories of their mom, or a female figure who was a Mom without the title. Chances are if you're reading this article you did have a mother you want to celebrate on Mother's day. 

Choosing a gift for that special someone can be fun, challenging, or at times frustrating, because there are so many ideas, all depending on the tastes, likes and budget of the giftee, and the one who is being gifted. We have some ideas for you at Mariska's Jewelry Designs, that may make the process easier, and provide a unique gift for that special Mom. 


At Mariska's Jewelry Designs we will offer many specials, and the first special we'll offer is for handmade, hand crafted Necklaces, always made in America.  Why is handmade so special?  I'm sure you've heard that a meal cooked in love tastes so much better.  A necklace that is handmade is also created with love; of the craft, or design, or sending love on to the person who eventually wears the necklace. At Mariska's Jewelry Designs, all of our creations are blessed, and lovingly crafted so our clients fell beautiful, and empowered to live a life with love and purpose.

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