Bracelets for Mother's Day

By Mary Costa on Apr 17, 2012 at 10:41 AM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

Did you ever go into your mother's jewelry box? What piece of jewelry intrigued you the most?  I always loved putting on the bracelets, especially the round bangles.  Add that to high heels and a little lipstick, and I shot from age 8-18 in seconds. Nothing really fit, but in my pretend world it did. I saw myself adorned with baubbles and beads, and the best "heels" in town.

Bracelets can create a variety of warm and wonderful memories.  You can even begin your own heirloom collection for that special young girl in your life. After the passing of my grandmother, I sat at her vanity, and it brought such comfort to hold her jewelry and remember all those special times. 

spring garden bracelet

Bracelets have been around for quite some time.  Much longer than I would have imagined, here's what I found: Wikipedia records that bracelets have been around since 5000 BCE. They are a part of EVERY culture. In the past stones, bones, and a variety of other objects were used.

I found this fascinating....Grecian Soldiers wore defensive bands around their forearms-they were called Bracels.  They were made of a variety of components like leather, metals and gemstones...It caught the eyes of women who then created the "bracelet" that is now traditionally worn near the wrist...Who would've guessed that men started it all?

Want to spice up an outfit, have that all put together look? Match the colors or shapes of your clothing with jewelry.  It can definitely spice up your outfit.  One of my customers reported she was having a horrible "bad hair" day.  No matter what she did, it wasn't working, and no amount of hairspray could fix it.  So, she grabbed one of the necklaces she'd purchased from us that was a real attention grabber. Every meeting she went to that day, the focus was on the necklace, and not the hairdo.  She was very happy with the bejeweled investment she'd purchased from us!

Calypso Sunset

At Mariska's Jewelry Designs we fashion a variety of bracelets made of Sterling Silver, gemstones, handmade Lampwork Glass beads, Pearls, Swarovski Crystals, and more...No two are the same.  We love our Button bracelets that often feature Antique Buttons. We also feature Ankle Bracelets, and Bracelet style watches.

Check out our Mother's Day specials this week that include all types and styles of bracelets.  When she wears it, she'll know there will be none just like it, because just as Mom is one-of-a-kind and unique, so are our bracelets.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Chunky Bracelet

Mary Costa aka Mariska

Mary Costa aka "Mariska" & Jewelry Matchmaker®

We create jewelry to match and adorn the beautiful spirit of a woman.

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