June: A Great Month For Brides, Birthstones and Pearls!

By Mary Costa on Jun 01, 2012 at 04:04 PM in News You Can Use

pearlsbrideOne of 3 birthstones for the month of June is the Pearl.  


It  is most widely worn in the month of June due to it's popularity with Brides!

Pearls have been a part of our traditions since men started fishing, and discovered them while cleaning their catch for the day.

                                      tahitianbIf you've ever thought about buying pearls you probably wondered how you can determine which strand of pearls are high quality, how you determine quality, or if one  brand is better than another. We will continue our information on pearls throughout this month and cover many questions you may have.

Just a little ditty, pearls are formed in oyster shells when an intruder oyster(maybe a speck of sand) gets inside of the shell.  When this happens the natural instinct of the oyster is to surround that intrusion with a substance called Nacre. That is what creates and shapes the pearl.

When this naturally occurs, pearls are then labeled as "Natural Pearl".  When an intruder is placed in an oyster shell, that is called a "Cultured Pearl".  A cultured pearl is still an authentic pearl.  The huge majority of pearls sold today are "Cultured Pearls". We'll break this down in future posts for you.


Real Pearls?

Two older women, who were rivals in a social circle, met at a party.

"My dear," said the first woman "Are those real pearls?"

"They are," replied the second woman.

"Of course the only way I could tell would be for me to bite them." Smiled the first.

The second responded "Yes, but for that you would need real teeth." 

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