If Our Jewelry Had A Voice

By Mary Costa on Aug 03, 2012 at 05:35 AM in Handmade Jewelry Designs

The jewelry at Mariska's Jewelry Designs has a purpose, and has a voice. It's been created to be a blessing for the woman who wears it. Early on it was really clear that the message is far greater that just to be, a pretty piece of jewelry.  This jewelry has a much higher purpose!The energy and message jumps out to be shared, and wants you to hear its voice.

So, let me share with you, if you were fluent in "jewelry-speak' what this necklace might whisper in your ear.


"Wow, I'm so lucky to to be able to hug your neck, and magnify your beauty. Guess what, whoever sees us together will see your exquisite beauty too. Give me every opportunity to show you off!"

Is there any better reason to wear a Sleek and Sexy necklace that has a Swarovski crystal, an Indian Silver bead, and a Mystic Quartz gemstone? 

Doesn't jewelry add that crowning touch?

So, if you wear this necklace, let it sing choruses of beauty to your ears.  You really are the most beautiful gal this necklace could ever hope to hug and love.

It's just waiting for it's perfect jewelry match.  Maybe its You!


Mary Costa aka Mariska

Mary Costa aka "Mariska" & Jewelry Matchmaker®

We create jewelry to match and adorn the beautiful spirit of a woman.



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