Something to Think About: Your Body

By Mary Costa on Oct 15, 2012 at 06:40 AM in News You Can Use

Something to think about...

Warning, this may not be an easy read.  Keep reading brave one!

Are you happy with your body? If you are, you’re in a distinct minority of women. Most of us begin at an early age to be ashamed of the shape of our bodies. A recent survey found that fifty-three percent of high school girls are unhappy with their bodies by the age of thirteen; seventy-eight percent are unhappy by the by the age of eighteen and over. What’s wrong? For starters, we are bombarded with advertisements that feature women with unrealistic shapes. Whereas a generation ago the average model weighed 8% less than the average woman, today she weighs 23% less. Women today are given many messages that unless they are thin and youthful, their bodies are something to be ashamed of rather than loved. ( I wish I could give credit to whom it was that shared this info, but I don’t remember).

You may have seen the following story in one of my videos, but I want to share it again, for good reason, because it is linked to the paragraph above.

One of my customers inspired me to love the body I have.  She made a statement that has echoed in my mind for the last 4 years, and has influenced the jewelry designs I create.  She wanted a necklace made similar to one she saw me wearing.  The necklace dangled downward from a chain at least 12 inches, hitting below the breast line.  When I asked what outfit she might wear the necklace, she looked at me and quickly said “Honey when I wear this necklace, ‘Clothing is optional!’" Luckily I had finished swallowing my drink or I might have choked on it.  Her message hit me.  I looked at her, she was in her late 50’s, probably a size 18, and she appeared totally comfortable wearing only a necklace.  I thought to myself, why can’t I feel that same way.  Well it takes a while to change one’s thinking, and I’m still in that process, but one thing I know….I want that experience for my customers.  So I’ve been creating styles for you to practice if you’re not there yet.  Check it out in our shop, you’ll see some fun examples.  AND PLEASE, share your thoughts!

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