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Resources I've found that I hope you'll find helpful.

Crystal Emporium-everything you ever wanted to know about Crystals:


Would you love an in-depth testing, and recommendations specific to YOU, here's a link to Carol Tuttle's info, I've personally used her style, and much of the "matching" information is derived from the following websites:

Dressing Your Truth 

Your Energy Profile 

Fashion Myths Exposed!


Bernadine Website-she is an awesome jewelry designer, and has a wealth of information about gemstones. I drool over her designs...someday!


All things Fashion...this Fashionista Diva keeps you up to date! I LOVE, Love, love the blog posts and recommendations!


Vast amount of info regarding stones, and gemstone Lore:


Great info about stones and their uses


My Logo was created by Ali Ries, and you can find her at:


I LOVE, Love, love my website, it is so easy to use, if you'd like more info here's the link to Site Ninja:

Easy-to-Use, Optimized Website with Full Support






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