Chunky Bali & Thai Silver beaded necklace with vintage Swarovski Crystals

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Could you really find a more beautiful, versatile necklace? NO!

So, what's so special about this necklace??!??

First of all it's big, it's bold, yet not too big and bold. Really, you could get away as the necklace being the highlight around your gorgeous neck, or wear it with Jeans and a T-shirt, wow what a great decoration for the T-shirt.  You make the rules!

The crystals, are not just any crystals, they are Vintage (14mm) Swarovski Crystals, created in the mid 1900's, when it wasn't quite Swarovski yet (but the same process, and company that later became known as Swarovski, and they were sold as Swarovski). 

What about those Silver beads? Oh, not just any silver beads, they are purer, and more beautiful than just plain Sterling silver, they are Bali and Thai Silver beads.

But I didn't just buy them from any Silver dealer, some of  these beads were created in an American business that is located in Bali, that pays true living wages to their employees. The kind of living wages that prevents child sex trafficking!

The clasp is a not just an exquisitely beautiful butterfly toggle clasp, it can be worn in the front, allowing you to to change out detachable pendants (pendants sold separately in our store). Or you can make the focus the clasp, or something hanging from the clasp, or highlight whatever spectacular bead you'ld like to highlight. Your choice.

Can I tell you about a hidden secret?

One of the silver beads has 'hidden' crystals inside of the bead (I love to do that!) - check out the photo. Length: 19".

So now, you may understand why the price is just a tad steep, and it's already discounted,  it would normally sell for over $600.00.  It was just too hard to list it at that price.

This necklace comes with it's own testosterone, no just kidding.  I felt the energy go into me, not the other way around as I was making this necklace.  However some beautiful images went through my mind as I looked at the Silver beads while making the necklace, they were: images of innocence, love, sensuality, empowerment, and strength, and protection. I wish those upon the woman who wears this beauty (diminished only by Her beauty)!