Hawaiian Shell Necklace & Earring set with Citrine and Onyx gemstones

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Product SKU: S13309-1

Exquisitely beautiful, with beau-coup class - Marta Howell's Hawaiian Pendants are a show stopper!  Encased in Sterling silver the Shell's satin patina has a 3 dimensional quality, and at every turn of this piece you see a rainbow of colors traverse across the face.  A pear shaped Citrine anchors the pendant.  The size of the pendant is 1 x 1.5 inches.  The pendant rests on 49 strand wire (very strong), and surrounding the pendant are faceted Citrine gemstones that create  ravishing little rivulets of light, and round Onyx gemstones.  I love the shape of the Citrines in the necklace, they are very unusual.  The focal portion of this necklace is attached to 5mm Braided European leather of the best quality.  The claps is  Sterling silver, and looks like fans that meet together in a hook & eye fashion; with a dangle of the Citrine faceted gemstone.  All findings are Sterling silver, this necklace is 19 inches long. The amount of silver on the pendant and necklace should be illegal! You will love, love, love it!

Matching earrings are 2 inches long of Agate and Citrine.

For the woman who wears this necklace, it was infused with the idea that mini vacations are stress relievers. As you wear this necklace, may you feel the delights of a tropical vacation that is filled with relaxation and stress free moments. Regroup and restrengthen your beautiful Spirit, as you were made to accomplish great things.

                          beach view