In the Garden Lampwork Bead and Crystal Earrings

Product SKU: E13209-1

 Something to ponder…

Take a stroll in the garden. Stop and drink in the scent of roses, look deep into the eyes of the blooming flowers, it will put a smile in your heart!

Just the Facts!

Look deep into these Lampwork glass beads, you will see so many intricate designs, and beautiful craftsmanship. Pink and white flowers with Green vines are decorated with Swarovski crystals, inside the bead!

These earrings are created onto Sterling silver wire, and the main focal bead is surrounded by Bali Silver bead caps. Sitting above the focal beads are Pink VINTAGE Swarovski Crystals.

A brief dangle on Sterling silver Diamond cut chain connects to Sterling silver lever back Ear wires. The earrings dangle 2.75 inches. The Lampwork beads are 18mm round.  

Why these earrings were created-

As I cared for a dying patient, she shared her love of flowers; that spirit and love seems to have been gifted to me after her passing.  Flowers speak to me about the beauty of creation, that we are no accident, this earth, planet, and all within it has an order and has a plan, God’s plan. 

I’ve never been able to look at the beautiful markings of a Pansy, or smell the breathtaking scent of many flowers without knowing we’re so blessed with all that populates this earth in so many ways.  As I looked at these beautiful Lampwork glass beads, I’m reminded of all of that, and the innocence and beauty of flowers. 

May the woman who wears these earrings be attuned to the beauty of creation that surrounds her every moment of every day.