Organic Lampwork Beads Meet Swarovski Vitrail Medium Bling Necklace

Product SKU: N22010a

The Lampwork glass beads on the focal portion of this necklace are oh! They are textured, and a multicolor sheen. I think they call it silvered. So I took 2 absolutely yummy large (24 mm x 14mm) organic lampwork beads, and surrounded them with a large Vitrail Medium Bicone (14mm) and more 6mm Vitrail Medium crystals. I've wrapped Sterling silver wire around the full length of the focal portion to add more complexity. The focal portion is 5 inches long and attaches to black cording which is P'leather (it lasts and wears longer than Leather). The necklace is 17 inches long. The toggle clasp is Sterling silver.

This necklace was bursting with personality as I made it. It draws its own attention, so if you're having a bad hair day, wear this, and no one will notice your hair, their eyes will be drawn to the necklace :D

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Organic Lampwork Beads Meet Swarovski Vitrail Medium Bling Necklace