The Edge of Forever: Lampwork beaded Necklace Swirls of Purple and Blue with Gold Filled Wire

Product SKU: N14510a

The hand-crafted Lampwork bead in this necklace is unbelievably beautiful! That's not even correct, it is almost beyond words to describe the intricacies. A.most out of this wordly.  Really...peer into the glass bead, you'll see what I mean.

It has the look of velvet blue and purple, and a very light yellow fused into something that looks like it's from the galaxies afar. The Lampwork bead is quite large at 22mm x 18mm, and dangles from Gold-filled wire. I've hand wrapped the Lampwork glass bead, Gold-filled beads, and faceted crystal all on the same wire.

The crystal is a very deep rich purple, and appears to be camera shy, since the color isn't captured well in the photos. The necklace is an 18 inch Snake chain and is Gold-filled.

This necklace was infused with hope and belief in a power much greater than us.