Sizing Your Jewelry

When you request custom made jewelry items, most people think that you just measure the size of your favorite bracelet, necklace etc, and that will work. NOT Really. Your designer knows that depending on the size of the beads, one bracelet that looks 7 inches long with just chain, will not fit the same as a 7 inch long bracelet with big beads, the beads make the inside diameter smaller, and we use the total inside diameter when sizing for jewelry. If you have a chain that has nothing on it, and is the perfect fit, then just measure it's length including clasp.

If you don't have a tape measure, please use this ruler (pdf).

To Size Bracelets

In general you measure your wrist above the wrist bone, and report that measurement. Jewelry designers often add 1/2 to 1 inch for "wearing ease". I also like to measure the area over my hand that I want the bracelet to rest. In either case report the largest measurement you want for your bracelet. Then measure how many inches down you want the bracelet to fall.

To Size Necklaces

You can measure your favorite necklace chain that has nothing on it to report the length you want. A jewelry designer will measure the inside lengh of your new design (if it has beads on it), so that it will rest at the length you want it. For chokers, the designer would add 1 inch, you will need to clarify if this is a choker so the designer knows to add extra, so it doesn't feel like it's choking you! Report measurement in inches. Once you have your neck measurement seen in first photo, then from that point measure how far down you want the top of the necklace to dangle, and report that measure in inches.

To Size Maximum Dangle of Earrings

Measure the total length you want for your earrings, starting at the top of the ear wire loop to the bottom. Report measurement in inches.


To Size Anklet

To measure anklet, measure your ankle at the point you want the anklelet to rest, The picture above may be too high up the leg, but you decide.